Sivar Veitsiwesfv

// A runaway, a pirate, a secret-keeping charmer

A Veena with a silvertongue (as long as you don't get on his bad side). Deft-fingered, sharp-eyed and quick-witted. A layered man with a diverse past and a forte in knowing how to give people what they want.

"Icarus took a fall that I much admire."

About Sivar

NAMESivar Veitsiwesfv
NicknamesThe Shadow; Knives; Siv
Nameday1st Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon (April 1st - Aries)
RaceVeena Viera
GenderCis Male
Hair ColorTeal
Eye ColorAqua
BuildLean; athletic
ScentRum, cigarettes, sandalwood
OccupationFirst mate of Chamaig Novsh; Proprietor and Head Courtesan of The Crimson Door
ProfessionRogue, Thief, Alchemist
ResidenceShirogane (Main home); Ishgard (Penthouse)

FamilyWhereabouts unknown. He never speaks of them.
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
StrengthsProtective, outgoing, passionate, independent, energetic, thoughtful, curious.
WeaknessesTemperamental, greedy, paranoid, stubborn, aloof, stand-offish, guarded, reckless, dramatic.

Notable Features

  • Tribal facial tattoos on cheeks and nose. A myriad of others on his arms, chest, back, hands and fingers featuring a combination of pirate/sailor tattoos, Veena runes and magical runes.

  • Snakebite piercing, tongue piercing, septum and nose piercings as well as nipple piercings

  • Always wears a couple of bracelets and sometimes other various jewelry such as leather necklaces, bracelets and silver rings. Also wears beads and sometimes feathers or bones in his hair.


  • Always carries at least a couple of knives hidden on his person somewhere

  • Carries a lighter as well, as he is a smoker. The lighter is silver, etched with a compass design on the front but it's a bit worn.

  • He has a tendency to be drawn toward those he considers to be superior to him in some way whether it be more intelligent or stronger physically. Those tend to be the people he keeps closest to him.

  • He has great difficulty in forming deep connections with others and generally keeps people at arm's length.

  • Voice Claim: Travis Fimmel as Ragnar


  • Cooking

  • Running

  • Metalworking

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Fishing


  • The sea

  • Knives

  • Good food

  • Good rum

  • Good drugs

  • Good sex

  • Good music

  • Passion


  • Passiveness

  • Affectionate touch (from most people)

  • Being called a "bunny" or "rabbit" by others

  • Garleans


  • Protector Turned Pirate: Sivar was a protector of his village as a woodwarder until he grew tired of such things (or perhaps there was another reason he left). Upon leaving his homeland, he hopped a ship, Chamaig Novsh, which turned out to be manned by pirates. He decided to try to join their crew and spend some time aboard their ship. He charmed his way to becoming first mate rather quickly and became known as 'The Shadow.'

  • Charmer: Most definitely a flirt and seems to enjoy charming people. Or at least trying to. Sometimes it's hard to tell if he's being serious or just trying to make people smile. Or sometimes, he has an ulterior motive. He'll use his charms often to get what he wants.

  • The Crimson Door: Hushed voices speak of a hidden place nestled away in the back alley of a theatre, where one can indulge their most hedonistic fantasies... Sivar is the proprietor of said place. What better way to make some gil than to cater to the white collar criminals or the upper class looking to indulge in some sinning. He also works as a courtesan here. Perhaps you could let him entertain you for the evening.

  • Odd Aether: Something seems a bit strange about this one's aether. As if something is hidden away or lurking deep beneath the surface. If your character is one who can sense such things, they might notice that he is bonded to a voidsent.

  • Pirating: These days most of Sivar's work revolves around monster hunting and exploratory expeditions. Very innocent, of course, right? He definitely couldn't help you procure anything rare, risky or illegal.

  • Metalworking: Need a new weapon? Or maybe just a nice coatrack? Sivar does metalworking in his spare time. Mostly for himself, currently. but he might be willing to take commissions.

Aesthetics & Inspiration


  • Dropkick Murpheys-"Rose Tattoo"-Some may be from showing up. Others are from growing up. Sometimes I was so messed up and didn't have a clue. I ain't winning no one over, I wear it just for you. I've got your name written here, In a rose tattoo.

  • Marilyn Manson - "Leave a Scar" - There's a crack in my soul you thought it was a smile. Whatever doesn't kill you...It's gonna leave a scar.

  • UnterArt - "Memento" - I cut my name in your heart to assure the memories remain. I never will release the pain.

  • Audioslave - "I Am the Highway - I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway. I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky.

  • Rise Against - "Prayer of the Refugee" -But we've been sweating while you slept so calm in the safety of your home. We've been pulling out the nails that hold up everything you've known.

  • Ashbury Heights - "Firebird" -The future's just a word, I'm ignoring every warning. Aimed at keeping me down when I could go higher.


  • Sivar owns The Crimson Door and works there as the head courtesan but can be hired himself as well, depending on the request and if there is chemistry.

  • ERP is always plot/story dependent and not guaranteed even when playing mature themes

  • Sivar is a dominant top and is highly unlikely to ever switch.

  • For more info, including favorites and hard no's, see his F-List

OOC Info


  • Always open to making new friends. I have preference for long-term RP but short-term can be okay too.

  • Please understand that I am a rather busy person. I have RL responsibilities as well as the fact that I spend a decent portion of time running an RP venue. I also have a decent number of already established RP partners. Please don't take my limited availability as a personal offense or as disinterest.

  • No OOC flirting, please, as I'm not looking for any OOC romantic or sexual interactions. Platonic friendship is okay but nothing beyond that!

  • Mun is 30+ and will only RP with those 18+

  • EST time zone


  • -While one of Sivar's jobs is courtesan work, he's much more than an ERP character and I definitely enjoy more than that when it comes to RP with him! If you are primarily interested in ERP with him, hire him at the venue he works.

  • -Sivar is not a monogamous character, nor is he interested in being part of a polycule situation. While he does have romantic entanglements, they have all developed naturally, over time and primarily via a slow burn pace. I'm also not particularly looking for more romantic relationships for him at this time. Keep this in mind if approaching with shipping expectations.

  • -Content can include anything from dark content to adventures to silly, light-hearted fun! I'm willing to roll with most things!

  • -Open to both in-game and Discord RP!